Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Yes, Mr. Bush, Musharraf is in fact a dictator

So Pakistan is now offically under martial law.

Bush won't do anything and won't cut off funding to terrorism, even though the opposition, made up of lawyers (!) opposing Musharraf's extraconstitutional attempt to be reelected,are being beaten.

With friends like these...

On Waterboarding

I'm just going to post some links here, because I don't have time to comment.

Here's Malcom Nance, former SERE instructor, on why Waterbording is most certainly torture and why intelligence gained from torture is at best useless and at worst devastating.

This is no hippie peacenik--not that there's anything wrong with that. He write in the article that
I would personally cut Bin Laden’s heart out with a plastic MRE spoon if we per chance meet

Yuck. But i get the point. This is not *just* a humanitarian issue. Even if you're a psycho wingnut warmonger, this is bad policy.


ATT Whistleblower on Telecom Immunity